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Chasing Waterfalls: Maine Adventure #8

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The misty shower, the rush, the power, the captivating cascades. What is not to love about a roaring waterfall? The speed and force is just as mesmerizing as the slow dribble of a small stream, yet the scale and the statement each fall makes does something magical for my soul!

I have summited the mountains, driven the roads and explored the region I have lived in for 3 years. What I have just started to realize is there is another incredible hidden gem I have yet to fully explore.

WATERFALLS! There are so many all around that very few people even realize exist. One of my friends, born and raised here is surprised each time I name a new nearby waterfall. Part of me is excited for the secluded, untouched exploration, yet I find myself dying to share this with all those around me! Chase these waterfalls, its therapeutic! Ok, yea that might sound crazy, but look up Forest Therapy and you’ll be amazed the science available that backs me up here.

Now, on to the adventure. On April 7th I explored two very different but totally worth the drive waterfalls with Northwoods Wellness Collective and Connecting with Nature, two amazing organizations getting people together and exploring the woods of northern Maine.

First, we drove to Moxie Falls in the Forks. With a 90 foot plunge, this is one of the tallest single drop cascades in Maine. The 1.4 mile round trip hike in starts gradually before coming to some stairs which easily guide you down towards the top of the cascade, before turning and giving you a stunning first row seat! I am told that if you visit in warmer weather (there was a lot of ice on April 7th), you can scramble your way down (no trail) and see the falls from a totally different view and take a dip. Read more here.

Next, we visited Houston Brook Falls in Pleasant Ridge albeit smaller, as a lot of might for a 32 foot drop! Here we were able to get to the waterfall in just .25 mile and scramble our way really close to the water and feel the mist on our face. For me, this fall was a bit more magical in that it was not developed with bridges, platforms and stairs and was instead raw nature. Read more here.

Both of these waterfalls were super short hikes and very assessable for different ability adventurers! Watch this video to see our entire days exploration!

Now I am ready to visit more waterfalls! Know of a hidden one in Maine? Tell me! I’ll meet you there! Want to join me on my next waterfall adventure? Check out our May 5th Three Falls in a Day adventure!

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