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How to Easily Add Veggies to Your Smoothies

I love to add veggies to ALL the Smoothies!

Clean Eating can be a challenge for anyone and living 45 minutes from the grocery store has added lots of challenges from the freshness of produce to running out of a family staple. We have learned a lot about how to adapt now that we are not walking distance from Whole Foods. The biggest change for me has been how to eat enough veggies, especially spinach!

Spinach | I started making these Spinach Cubes a few months ago and am hooked! I usually buy 2 bags of baby spinach while grocery shopping and make 4 ice cube trays worth of spinach cubes. It usually lasts me until my next trip. Try it out and let me know how it works for you! If storing spinach in the fridge, try adding a piece of paper towel to the bag or container. The paper towel absorbs excess moisture and extends the life of your delicious spinach! Let's be real, there are some recipes that a pureed cube of spinach just isn’t going to work for!

Kale | I actually LOVE kale. I know I am a weird one but I do the exact same things with kale as I do with spinach!

Beets | I have yet to make my own beets, but instead, buy Love Beets and blend them into my smoothies. They make a basic smoothie taste like a cake in my mind!

Broccoli | Have you ever put broccoli in your smoothie? My amazing friend, Jessica  suggested it and it is a wonderful addition. Just like spinach, it disguises itself so well among all the sweet and yummy things I had to my smoothies. Also, I buy large bags of frozen broccoli every time I visit the store. If you don’t buy frozen broccoli, try saving your broccoli stalks, freezing them and adding them to your smoothies. Hooray for using all parts of our food!!

Carrots | I love adding carrots to citrus or fall spiced smoothies. They are great paired with oranges, apples, pumpkin pie spice and so much more. I usually just buy the largest bag at the grocery store and keep them stored in the crisper drawer. I don’t freeze them but I bet you could!

Butternut Squash | While exploring other veggies to change up my smoothie game, I came across a very affordable bag of frozen butternut squash. Who would have thought right? Just like these others, it is very easy to disguise this guy in any of your favorite recipes.

I am sure once I start getting veggies from my CSA this summer, I will be playing with more veggies in my smoothies. Do you have any veggie that you love adding to your smoothies??

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