• Samantha Coffin

My 21 Day Fix Experience

First off, this is not a sales pitch. I am not a Beach Body Coach. This is just my honest opinion about the 21 Day Fix.

Lets be real, I was that person that watched the 21 Day Fix commercials and laughed. Why can’t people just get their butts off the couch and to the gym? Why don’t they just take the stairs? I put it in the basket with ItWorks wraps and NutriSystem. I was like, yea…ok. NOT FOR ME….

But then, when I moved to Maine and I lived nowhere near a gym, yoga class or paved road I was at a loss. I began to pack on the pounds, binge eat and was quickly getting lazy!! Those few leisurely kayaking trips were not enough to keep me fit. Oh, also I had the obstacle of my driveway is covered in this white powdery stuff  for several months that I used to anxiously wait for as a child, a frozen lake and intense howling winds. UGH!!! I was at a loss.

Then a new Northwoods friend changed my life. She told me she loved 21 Day Fix and invited me over to try the Yoga Fix. Ok, I thought. It is not a yoga class and the shavasana was not as long as I was used to but it was great! We talked extensively about the program for a month. I then downloaded their free app for tracking food. I was becoming more and more interested everyday.

Finally I bought it and dove in! In the dead of winter I began this crazy program with containers for my food and 30 minute workouts I had to do everyday. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. I lost a few pounds and then when the program ended, I fell right back into my old ways.

BUT I now had a friend who shared her goals with me, a coach who would push me further. I did a second round of 21 Day Fix and AMAZED myself. I lost 8.4 lbs and 4.5 inches in 3 weeks! SAY WHAT?? I found my rhythm! I was so excited and felt awesome. My husband noticed changes in my body and I started to chat with others about their fitness goals. The program helped me create a virtual network of supporters who cheered my progress and wiped my tears on the hard days.

Now, I don’t think it is sustainable for me to live the 21 Day Fix program 365 days a year like some of the groupies! I am in a post fix phase now where I am watching my food closely, still drinking half my body weight in ounces of water and working simple workouts into my everyday life. I feel fabulous and know that I know how have a tool to help me get on track when I fall off the wagon.

So, if your debating trying to the 21 Day Fix, I say go for it! Give it a shot and make your community! Let me know what you think about it! I think it is a wonderful restart or kickstart to your health and fitness goals! Check out Instagram and Pinterest for recipes, progress photos and the incredible virtual community of people looking to get fit and healthy!

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