• Samantha Coffin

Why I Use Shampoo Bars

With long and thick locks, I use to go through what seemed like pounds of shampoo and double the amount in conditioner. I was always fighting a dry scalp and tangled ends. Sometimes I even had scabs on my scalp from toxic chemicals in the shampoo I was buying at Target! Crazy right? Why does the FDA allow that?

My journey to a happier head began when I was first looking into living a “greener” life! I looked into making my own hair care products which seemed way too daunting of a task and who has time for that? Then I found some better, cleaner products that were sold at big stores. However, I was never 100% pleased with the results. Many of them left me feeling like they were still stuck in my hair and never lathered enough for me to feel “clean”. Then came in Dulse & Rugosa! First I found them on Instagram and fell in love with their eco-conscious mission. Then, I bought this very Shampoo Bar. I loved the entire experience, from their superb customer service when I asked which one of their bars would be good for my thick and wild hair, to the minimalist packaging and when I got around to trying it, the amazing product! No more plastic bottles, better for the environment and even better for my health and of course, my hair!!

The two amazing women who run Dulse and Rugosa wild harvest or grow all their botanicals and seaweeds on Gotts Island here in Maine. Their love and passion come through in every product! Make sure to visit their website to see their face, body and shower products. I adore their shower shots!

I will be honest, there was a transition period while my hair was being stripped of the crap from previous products. However, Claire and Carly pack a little paper in your shipment that will tell you this and how to use the products you purchased.  I felt so empowered knowing the powdered kelp would stimulate my scalp, and help relieve itch while leaving my hair soft, smooth and healthy. I also adore their Herbal Vinegar Rinse too and use it in place of conditioner. I am proud to share, I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair before!

What I see as the overall benefits of using Shampoo Bars are:

  • Most shampoo bars contain all-natural ingredients.

  • I think they lather better than the all-natural liquid shampoos I have tried.

  • They travel super easily, especially in the rustproof tin you can get from Dulse and Rugosa. No popped bottles leaking all over the place and no need to put them in the liquid bag while passing through security at the airport.

  • Shampoo Bars last a long time! To be honest, I have only had to buy two so far!

  • They are less expensive than liquid shampoos, especially all-natural ones.

  • There are no plastic containers!

So make the switch! Check out this small Maine business and learn more about their herbal and seaweed blends that have greatly impacted my hair care routine in a positive way! Ask me any questions! If I don’t have the answer, I bet Claire and Carly will!

Enter to win a FREE Dulse and Rugosa shampoo bar on my Instagram!  The giveaway is running until May 16th. 2018. It’s the cute picture that looks like the deer is going to eat the shampoo bar!

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